Success for All Players

Club History

Next Generation Soccer (NGS) was founded in 2015 with a small group of boys and girls featuring a wealth of talent. It is the newest organization on Long Island. Coaches from all over Long Island brought their knowledge and love of the game to Next Generation.   Come be a part of Long Island history and enjoy playing and training in the newest ways.

Vision Statement:

Here at Next Generation Soccer (NGS), we are dedicated to providing a unique and valuable service to children across the island. We promise to provide a safe, structured and fun environment for them, enabling them to enjoy and express themselves, while also encouraging them to develop their interpersonal skills, co-ordination and fitness levels for the future. We believe every child has talents that should be nurtured and helped to flourish. Our staff is on hand to help motivate and support them, as well as to recognize their abilities and highlight their achievements. By providing a structured mixture of activities, we can help to encourage children and provide them with the opportunity of enjoying soccer, regardless of their ability, level of fitness or skill. But this goes far beyond just a sporting experience - at NGS we aim to give every participant an experience full of fun that will help them to make new friends, learn valuable life skills and encourage their health and happiness all year long.