NCAA Clearing House

It is required by all prospective student-athletes to go through the NCAA Clearinghouse before you are eligible to play in any NCAA sport.  The Clearinghouse is a way for the NCAA to make sure you have obtained the correct academic education standards.  The NCAA calls this being "Eligible".

Each prospective student-athlete must register and receive a clearinghouse number.  College coaches will ask for your clearinghouse number. To obtain the number, you must send in your transcripts and testing results (SAT and/or ACT), plus pay their registration fee (~$50 for US Students and ~$75 for International Students).  This fee has increased over the years and will more than likely increase again.  You can register as early as a freshman in High School (and is advisable if the fees are going up), but you should be looking to register no later than your junior year in High School. To be guaranteed declared “Eligible for the College Fall season, the NCAA must declared you “Eligible” by Columbus day of your Senior year in high school. is the link to the NCAA Clearinghouse